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Holding Hands

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves”


About me...

I am a fully trained and qualified personal coach. I have many hours of experience coaching struggling yet amazing women through big and small life challenges. I use a combination of helpful tools, proven techniques, profound listening and genuine love for helping people. But most importantly, I am a multi tasking, surviving  Mum of 4.  I am British originally, but have spent the last 15 years on an expat adventure, living in France, Australia, USA and Switzerland. I have over 11 years marketing experience working across 3 continents.

​I have spent the last 7 years at home with my children, which has been rewarding, but I quickly realized I wanted more. ​We don’t get the time as mums/partners/daughters/colleagues to stop, think, reflect and work out “What do I really need?”, to take time for ourselves, without guilt, but I know that by doing this, we become a better version of ourselves, better mums/partners/daughters/colleagues and inspiring role models. ​I've had a lot of ups and downs but have learnt how to refind my direction. I can help you do the same (and a lot more quickly than I did!)

We deserve more...

The last couple of years has been an amazing personal journey for me, a journey that I am still on, but a journey I would like to inspire other women to go on. It all starts with one question, one thought that ignites your thinking, that gets a fire going inside, that gives you an extra bounce, that gives you hope that things can and will get better.

Having a coach is much like having a personal trainer, but for your life. You can make a lot of progress on your own, but with the help of focused support, you can make those changes that will make a difference that will make a positive impact on your life. The next step is just to see if we are a good fit. Click here to schedule a free discovery call.

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